The Anniversary Celebrations Continue

By Don Browne

2023 was a year of special anniversaries for VSI – the association’s 45th and the Product Certification Program’s 25th. In 2024, we are proud to celebrate milestone anniversaries for two VSI team members who have made so much possible for our mission – Matt Dobson, Vice President (20) and Curtis Norman, Senior Director of Finance & Administration (10).

20 Years of Blazing New Industry Trails: Matt Dobson

Matt has been on the front lines of several vinyl siding industry revolutions and is already looking forward to 20 more years of explosive growth. “I can’t believe it has been 20 years. It has been an honor serving this great North American industry for all this time, by not only helping to further vinyl siding’s use as a sustainable and affordable product but also working with and for the wonderful people from our member companies,” he said.

Looking back on his long tenure with VSI, Matt is fondest of these highlights that the industry has achieved together:

  • Mainstreaming polypropylene and insulated vinyl siding into ICC and Canadian building codes
  • Helping industry navigate tough issues like the window reflective light
  • The first state legislative win – making bans on vinyl siding unlawful in North Carolina
  • Establishing research field protocol after hurricanes to create clear incremental changes to installation to improve product resiliency
  • Setting fact and science foundations on cladding sustainability with the establishment of product category rules, use of life cycle analysis and the publication of the industry’s first environmental product declarations (EPDs)
  • Launch of the Revinylize Recycling Collaborative


VSI Vice President Matt Dobson

10 Years of Operations Excellence: Curtis Norman

Curtis felt like he was taking a leap of faith when he joined VSI on February 10, 2014.

“Stepping into an unfamiliar industry,” he said, “I took a deep breath and committed to moving forward, one task at a time. Little did I know that this leap of faith would evolve from an initial day into an entire decade, progressing from the role of Operations Coordinator to Senior Director of Finance & Administration.”

Curtis’ successful stewardship of VSI’s operations during the COVID crisis was largely due to his ability to plan, develop the association’s cloud environment and build new systems more than a year earlier so that the team could work more effectively in a virtual world.

His passion for problem-solving has led to two promotions in his first decade, as well as the re-establishment of VSI’s technology infrastructure and numerous continuous improvements in fiscal management and member and customer services.

“In these 10 years at VSI, my heart overflows with gratitude for a journey marked by progress, passion, resilience and substantial professional growth. Every passing moment seamlessly integrates into the dynamic story of success, defining this significant period. The personal and professional relationships go beyond enrichment; they've deepened the fabric of my tenure here, forming meaningful and lasting connections that shape the essence of my remarkable experience.”

The VSI team, its members and the entire industry look forward to many more years of amazing service from Matt and Curtis. As Curtis notes:

“As the pages of time continue to turn, the unfolding chapters are poised to craft yet another compelling verse in the enduring story of this wonderful association, laying the foundation for an inspiring narrative in the future. I eagerly anticipate witnessing how this remarkable journey will continue to evolve.”

Many congrats to both Matt and Curtis!

VSI Senior Director of Finance & Administration Curtis Norman