Replacing Siding and Corner Posts

Shutters and Other Specialty Products

To install shutters around windows:

  • Pre-drill holes through the shutters for attachment screws and mark the location of these holes on the siding (Fig. 74).
  • Using the hole marks as a guide, drill expansion holes through the siding where attachment screws will be located, a minimum 1/4” (6.4mm) larger than the diameter of the screw (Fig. 75).
  • When attaching the shutters, do not fasten such that the shutter is tight against the siding, otherwise expansion of the siding will be restricted.
  • When it is necessary to attach any specialty item, for example down spouts, drill a hole that is 1/4” (6.4mm) larger than the fastener shank diameter to allow the vinyl panel to move with temperature changes.

Figure 74.

Figure 75.

Replacing a Damaged Panel

To remove a panel for any reason:

  • Slip the zip lock or unlocking tool behind the bottom of the panel above the one to be replaced and unzip it from the lock on the damaged panel (Fig. 76).
  • Gently bend out the upper panel. Take the nails out of the damaged panel and remove it (Fig. 77).
  • Lock on the new panel and nail it up (Fig. 78).
  • Use the unlocking tool again to zip the upper panel over the lock on the new panel (Fig. 79).

Figure 76.

Figure 77.

Figure 78.

Figure 79.

Repairing a Damaged Corner Post

Repair a damaged corner post with a series of cuts:

  • Cut away the face of the damaged corner, leaving the nail hem and pocket intact (Fig. 80).
  • Remove the nailing hem from the replacement corner.
  • Place the new corner over the remaining portions of the old one and fasten it into position with one rivet on either side located at the top of the post.

Figure 80.