Our training and certification programs will take your career to the next level

Whether you’re just starting out in the industry or you’re leading your own crew of installers, our certification program ensures you and your crew are up-to-date on the latest methods to build greater confidence into every home.

Unlock your limitless potential

Don’t just climb the salary ladder—discover a career in vinyl siding and build your own.


There is high demand for hard workers with the right skills.

With VSI:

up to
$31,000 / yr
$13–15 / hr


A technician with experience and additional training can grow quickly.

With VSI:

up to
$41,600 / yr1
$14–20 / hr


Gain leadership skills that can help open up greater opportunities.

With VSI:

up to
$56,160 / yr1
$19–27 / hr


Possibly grow into a part-ownership role or branch off with your own company.

With VSI:

  • Start your path to become a VSI Certified Installer Trainer/Instructor
  • Join advanced courses on leadership, facilitation, time management and resources training
  • Gain access to VSI’s Official Registry of Certified Installers and Trainers

up to
$70,000 / yr1
$27–33 / hr


Grow your business even beyond vinyl siding.

With VSI:

  • Access small business continuing education courses and supporting resources
  • Join workshops on social media best practices, digital platforms and general marketing
  • Gain full access to VSI’s Official Registry of Certified Installers, Trainers and Trainees
  • Find new opportunities with industry, technology, tools and equipment partners

$117,000 / yr2
$33–52 / hr

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Installer Trainee Program

If you’re just starting out in the industry, our trainee program delivers the knowledge and experience to do your best work.

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Certified Installer Program

Our certification program is for experienced installers looking to build more trust with customers and take their work to the next level.

Get Certified

Build The Life You Want

If sitting behind a desk in a stuffy office doesn’t sound like the life you’re seeking, start building success on your terms with a career in vinyl siding.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

Certified installers can get more jobs, build more trust with their customers and have access to a suite of career-building tools.

Renew Your Certification

Frequently Asked Questions

Find the information you need fast about the Polymeric Exterior Products Association’s work—in advocacy, workforce training and certification, building code resources, sustainability and more—in our Frequently Asked Questions.

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