Defining Style: Queen Anne

by Lisa Dunn

The most common of all Victorian styles, Queen Anne houses are distinguished by a combination of seemingly disparate characteristics. In fact, Queen Anne style assumes an attitude of “almost anything goes.” The style features asymmetrical shapes, punctuated by steep roof pitches at various elevations. These shapes are partially defined by gables – usually including a dominant front-facing gable – combined with one or more polygonal, square or round towers. Different wall textures, another defining attribute, are achieved with a mix of exterior cladding that may include clapboard, patterned masonry, brick, stone and/or decorative shingles. The Queen Anne style also typically features a covered porch that often wraps around one or two sides.


Queen Anne houses often feature clapboard as the dominant exterior cladding. Vinyl siding clapboard is available in a variety of configurations including 3″ to 8″ reveals. Beaded, Dutchlap and board & batten profiles are also used.


Specific areas of the exterior – such as gable façades and/or tower walls – are frequently accented by distinct shapes. Durable vinyl and other polymeric siding offer a diverse selection, including scallops, fish scale, octagon, hexagon and mitered corner shingles.


What period would you like to reflect? Queen Anne houses of the late 1800s often were painted in multiple colors to draw attention to design elements. After 1900, whites and light creams dominated. Victorian color schemes commonly range from rich shades to bright jewel tones. Fortunately, vinyl siding has the color palette to match all, with more than 350 colors.

Trim and Accessories:

A wide array of ornate embellishments is available for use with vinyl and other polymeric siding, including gingerbread trim and fretwork; brackets; band board; crown molding; corner block and rosette; and bay corners. Structural accessories – both standard and decorative – such as columns and spindles for porches; beadboard for porch ceilings; and corner posts are also available.

Customizing Style:

To achieve the vastly eclectic looks inspired by the Queen Anne style, designers use a wide variety of vinyl and other polymeric siding, trim and accessories. Traditional characteristics are being realized with a new sense of value and low-maintenance durability and beauty thanks to vinyl siding.

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