Join Revinylize! Verifying Recyclers is Next Step to Opening Geographic Markets

by Matt Dobson



This is an open letter to all recyclers of rigid vinyl!

It’s time to join the recycling movement and register to become part of the Revinylize Recycling Collaborative to make an even more significant impact throughout North America. To borrow from a popular phrase, this is “where the vinyl hits the road.”


By registering with the dynamic new Revinylize platform,

  • You become part of a bonified North American campaign with 3rd-party verification from GreenCircle Certified.
  • You will make history as we aim to recycle 5 million pounds of post-consumer rigid vinyl in 2025.
  • You will help increase your company’s sustainability footprint and help your collection site partners do the same as we build a more circular economy. That’s right – building a more circular economy can be synonymous with creating new profit centers.

Want to Profit from Growing Market Demand?

In all sectors, more organizations are making sustainability a higher priority because it makes smart business sense. Recycling is the one aspect of sustainability that is the easiest to understand. Revinylize offers an opportunity for recyclers to cash in on this growing market demand. All you have to do is get verified here. The Revinylize platform is designed to make the process efficient and user-friendly so recyclers can onboard quickly.

The Revinylize movement is already taking off with the addition of the PVC Pipe Association as an association sponsor, and the Vinyl Siding Institute (VSI), a Revinylize co-founder.

With more rigid vinyl stakeholders coming on board and with millions of American homes in which the vinyl siding has potentially reached the end of its performance lives within the next decade, the opportunities for both sustainability and business expansion are seemingly endless.

This recycling effort began as a pilot program that evolved into a successful model. We have transcended this model into a multi-faceted national platform. It’s your turn to help us achieve the next level of expanding sustainability.  

For questions, help with registering, or a walk-through of the Revinylize platform, contact me anytime at or VSI Senior Director of Advocacy Alex Fernandez at